Meet The Members

As with all professional organisations, FESH is managed by a committee to ensure it works efficiently. The officers are democratically voted in at the AGM. The current committee and presiding officers for 2023-2024  are: Chairman – Alan Bates. Administration – Steve Brolin.  Treasurer- Martin S Taylor, Committee members; Ken Webster, David Bolton, Chris James.

Set out below are the profiles of just some of FESH’s members. Between them there is an immense knowledge of hypnosis and stage shows. Collectively they have taken their show to every part of planet Earth and performed thousands of shows for all different clients including Royalty. Please delve into their profiles for further information, enjoy!

Alan Bates

Ken Webster

Steve Brolin

Barrie St. John

David Bolton

Martin Taylor

Chris James

Kay Ascot

Simon Sez

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